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School Apps - 2016/2017 School Year

  • SECURE: Your personal information stays on your device to address FIPPA requirements.
  • FAST: Today screen access to full class schedule, notes and reminders, without needing to navigate through menus.
  • FOCUSED: Notifications and channel functionality that updates you and your calendar for only what you want.

School-branded and student-focused, our apps are more than just an agenda. They are an always available, always up to date, more connected communication tool and information centre for the modern student.

Focused on Most Used Information

The core screen is the current day with a complete schedule including the day’s classes with times, school events, and one tap or gesture access to the notes for any of the day’s classes, detailed school event information, the school’s social media feed(s), and other common information and actions. Week and monthly overviews and summaries of upcoming events are also available.

School-Specific Branding and Customization

In addition to branding using the school crest, mascot or other logos and colours, each app is customized for a particular school's block rotation and calendar with full support for a wide variety of schedule types including rotating and tumbling calendars/class schedules. Between the school branding the ability for each student to customize their class colours, the apps provide a deeper sense of identity and engagement.


The apps integrate three basic communication methods - push notifications, news bulletins, and the school’s social media feed. The social media feeds are integrated directly into the app and can be viewed at any time simply by open the sidebar menu. Push notifications are excellent for short, time-sensitive messages and pop up alerts on phones with the app installed. News bulletins are longer form messages that are viewed on demand.

Course and Interest-Specific Communication and Events

Students can subscribe to school-defined channels for their interests and courses: channel-specific push notifications will only show an alert for subscribers. Channels can also include calendar events which will appear inline in the displayed schedule, for subscribers only. Channels can be public or private, and private channels can be visible or hidden.


Each class in the app includes class-specific textual notes, a to-do list and photo notes - a quick alternative to copying notes. Students can also add their own events to their personal calendar, and reminders with alarms.

For Parents

Parents can receive all the same notifications and calendar information as all of their students using the multi-profile feature.

Integration and Offline Operation

Unlike alternatives which simply embed web pages or links, the core functionality of our apps - calendaring, note taking, etc operates entirely without an internet connection, updating as needed when network access is available.

App Access and Privacy

The apps have been structured to operate without requiring student registration or logging into any web service for ease of use. Individually identifiable student data - class information, notes, reminders - is never transmitted to or stored on our servers. The apps do not track, transmit, or store the users location. Our servers are Canadian-hosted, using redundant data centres in Vancouver and Toronto.

Teacher and Administrator Portal

  • sending push notifications & news bulletins
  • calendar schedule and event management
  • user management & school profile editing
  • multi-level access controls

To find out more about providing your school community with the most effective and student-focused school app available, contact your local Friesens representative or use our contact form.

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