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School App Introduction

Download the App

Your school’s app is available on both the iTunes and Google Play app stores as a free download. Blackberry 10 users* can download the Android version of the app from the Download page here.

Push Notifications

Make sure to allow the app permission to send you push notifications.

School administration and teachers will send out a variety of notifications - some of these may be broadcast to everyone, others may be targeted at a specific channel in the app.


In the sidebar menu in the app or the shortcut bar, tap "Select Channels" to subscribe to channels that may be of interest to you or your student. Depending on your school, there may be a variety of channels for various subjects, clubs, activities or specific classes (ie "English_10", "Grads", etc.). Only broadcast messages and those for channels you are subscribed to will show an alert on your phone, but messages for all channels are available in the Notifications list in the app by setting the "show all" option in the list.

In addition to push notifications sent out to a particular channel, each channel may also have calendar events such as tests, assignment due dates, etc that will appear in the app if you are subscribed to that channel.

Private Channels

Some channels may be listed as private. When you try and subscribe to those, you will require an access code provided by the teacher or administrator responsible for the channel.

Personalized for Your School

The app is personalized for your school’s calendar, timetable and identity with the school colours and logo. Because of this there may be some differences between any examples shown and the app for your school, as well as some differences in appearance between the iOS and Android versions of the app. It will also receive push notifications sent by your school administrators to remind you of upcoming events, let you know about schedule changes, advise you of school closures, and other news.

Main Screen (Day View)

The main working screen in the app shows one day’s information, usually "today". The top part of the screen shows the date, the type of day, and event information for the day. The rest of the screen shows the classes for the day with (optionally) period start and end times and any block-specific events, as well as any extracurricular activities in the morning, at lunch, or in the afternoon. In the evening, instead of showing today's information, it shows the next day by default. From this screen you can navigate to any given day, use the four corners of the screen to perform various actions and display different screens, and bring up more detail on the displayed schedule.

To navigate to a particular day:

  • Swipe left and right or tap the left or right sides of the screen to move one day at a time.
  • Tap the date to return to “today”.
  • Hold on the date to choose any date to jump to.
  • To switch to a week or month view, rotate the phone to landscape orientation.

The Pull-Down Menu

If you pull down on the main screen (make sure not to start at the top of the screen) an additional menu with the following options will be revealed:

  • Go back to the current date
  • Select a date to view
  • Display details for the day - extended event information, etc
  • Add event to the day. This can be any event you wish to add for the day as a whole.

Pull-Up Menu (iOS)

On iOS devices there is also a pull up menu which reveals options at the bottom of the screen. Currently the only option is for switching the dark mode theme on and off.

The Four Corners

Each corner of the screen has an icon which provides access to various functions in the app.

Top Left: Sidebar Menu

The icon in the top left, commonly known as a "hamburger" menu icon, caused the Sidebar to be displayed. There are a variety of options in the menu, as well as a social media feed for the school, Twitter by default, but could also include other feeds such as Facebook posts.

Bottom Left: Help

The help icon in the bottom left will bring up a help screen with basic information on how to use the app.

Top Right: QuickButton

The QuickButton allows for one-touch access to your single most used activity from a variety of actions. To configure the button:

  • iOS: Hold your finger on the button to bring up a list of actions, tap the desired action to set it.
  • Android: Tap the three dots next to the QuickButton to bring up the list of available actions, tap the desired icon to set it.

The button icon will change to indicate the selected action, and from that point on a single tap of the icon will perform that action. Some of the available actions/screens are:

  • News: Shortcut to the "News" function in the sidebar
  • Upcoming Events: Display a list of upcoming events for the next 30 days.
  • Notifications: Display a list of recent push notifications
  • Select Channels: Subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications for particular classes or activities
  • Website: Open the school website
  • Photo: Take a photo note. It will store the photo into the notes for the current class, based on the time of day.
  • Student: Switch between student timetables. This is particularly useful for parents with multiple students in the school.

For quick access to actions beyond the one you may choose to assign here, swipe in from the screen edges for a shortcut bar (see below).

Bottom Right: Configuration

The gear icon at the bottom right will open up the configuration screens where you can set your classes and assign colors to them, as well as before/after school and lunchtime activities.

The Edges

Swiping in from either the left or right edge of the screen will display a shortcut bar for quick access to a variety of screens/actions. The available screens/actions include:

  • News: Shortcut to the "News" function in the sidebar
  • Upcoming Events: Display a list of upcoming events for the next 30 days.
  • Notifications: Display a list of recent push notifications
  • Select Channels: Subscribe/unsubscribe to notifications for particular classes or activities
  • Website: Open the school website
  • Photo: Take a photo note. It will store the photo into the notes for the current class, based on the time of day.
  • Student: Switch between student timetables. This is particularly useful for parents with multiple students in the school.
  • Handbook: Access the student handbook.

Schedule Details

School Event Information

The blue text at the top of the schedule is for school event information. If there is more information than will fit in the allotted space, an ellipsis will be shown. Tapping the text will bring up a window with the full event information.

Tapping on a Class/Block

Tapping in a class/block will bring up the class details screen that will let you view and edit text notes/photos/todos and view course information (if available). Note that the notes etc. are for that class in general, and are not specific to a specific date or block at this time.

Pressing/Holding on a Class/Block

Holding on a class/block will (starting with version 2.7) bring up a summary of information about that class/block, including:

  • Course information (if available)
  • Events you added to that block
  • Events added to that block from a subscribed channel
  • A preview of any class notes.

It will also provide an opportunity to perform one of three actions:

  • Take a photo note, which will be stored in the photos for the class in that block
  • Add a reminder. This reminder is stored in the phone's default system reminders, and can be used to provide an alarm for an upcoming event
  • Add an event to this block, either user-specified or chosen from a list of common events.

Rotate the Phone

Rotating your phone to landscape orientation switches to either a week or month-at-a-glance view.

Class Configuration Screen

Setting up your classes and activities

The gear icon in the bottom right of the main Day View brings up the class configuration screen. This is where you can set the classes you have in each block, their associated colour, as well as any extracurricular activities.

(iOS version shown. The number and names of the blocks will be specific to your school, and may vary from the example shown).

The four tabs in this screen are for regular timetable classes, and morning, lunchtime, and afternoon extracurricular activities respectively.

Once you have entered your classes and chosen colours, the app will automatically populate the calendar in the app. Depending on your school’s schedule, you may have an “Only Semestered Classes” option available - if turned on, the app will populate both odd and even days with the same classes (in this case, A1/B1/C1/D1) and gray out the remaining options.

Depending on your school’s schedule, the extracurricular tabs may show options for both the day of the week and for entries “by schedule day”, allowing you to set activities that are fixed to either a day of the week or to a particular day in a rotating schedule.

Class Details (Notes, Photos, ToDos, and Course Info)

Tapping on a class name on the main screen will being up the class details screen for that class. This screen has several tabs:

  • Text Notes: any textual notes for the class
  • Photo Notes: photos for the class, ie take a photo of assignment info on the board as a quick alternative to copying the details down.
  • ToDo list
  • Course Info (if available)


  • Tap the + to add a photo
  • Tap a thumbnail image to view a photo
  • Tap and hold on a photo to delete it.

Upcoming Events

The Upcoming Events screen shows school events over the next 30 days. Today and Tomorrow are always shown, other dates are only shown if there is an event on that day. Tapping the "Go" link next to a date will close the Upcoming Events screen and display the schedule for the selected date on the main screen.

Sidebar Menu

Tapping the menu icon at the top left of the main screen brings up the sidebar menu. This menu has information specific to your school as well some settings and general info:


This will show either the latest news bulletin from the school, if any, or link to a website (ie the school’s Facebook page) or blog with school news and information.


This shows a list of the most recent push notifications received by the app.

Select Channels

Use this to select the push notification/event channels you are subscribed to. Depending on your school, there may be channels for various classes, clubs, or athletic groups (ie “Junior Basketball”, “Grads”, etc.)

School Website

Tapping this will launch the school’s website in your phone’s default browser.

School Handbook

Displays a copy of the school handbook.

Quick Links

Optional list of useful web links provided by the school. Depending on your school, there may also be a single link to a key school-specific site in this spot.

School Contacts

Displays key contact information (address, phone, emails) for the school.


Show Block Times/Block Names

Controls whether or not period start/end times and names (in addition to class name) are shown on the main Day View.

Prefer Info

Sets which class info tab (text notes/photo notes/ ToDo list) is active by default when a class name is tapped.

Prefer Month View

If you prefer to use the month-at-a-time view rather than the week view when turning the phone to landscape, set as default with this option.

Night Mode (iOS only)

These settings will switch the app to a predominantly dark color scheme to more easily readable/less distracting at night or in low-light conditions. "Always" forces the dark them on regardless of time of day. "Auto" will switch to the dark theme between 9pm and 6am. You can also quickly toggle the "Always" setting by holding on the help icon on the main screen.

Add to Phone Calendar (iOS only)

Add a subscription to the school events in the app so they show up in the iOS Calendar app. This applies only to the school-wide events show in blue on the main screen, it does not include any user-added or subscribed channel events.


Basic information about the app including version number etc, and a button to send a feedback email if you have any questions, problems, or suggestions.

Social Media Feed

Below the sidebar menu the school Twitter feed is shown. Drag up on the tweets to cover the menu and scroll through more tweets, pull down to reveal the menu again. Depending on your school, this may also include Facebook posts or other social media.

Landscape Mode (Week/Month View)

Turning the phone sideways will switch the view to an weekly overview. Depending on your phone screen size, you may have access to the sidebar menu and configuration screens.

Days with event information are marked with an icon. Tap on the weekday name to display the event information.

Month View

Tap the calendar icon in the top right to switch between week and month views. In the month view, days with even information are underlined.

Tap and hold on any day to display the schedule and event information for that day.

Other Information

While the app does require an internet connection for some things, such as receiving calendar updates, push notifications, and updating the social media feed, the core calendaring functions do not.

Parents and Teachers/Admin staff

If you are a parent or school staff, go to the Parents and Teachers page for additional information particular to your use case.

* While an effort is made to ensure the broadest possible compatibility, specific features may not be available or work correctly when running the Android version of an app on a Blackberry device.

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